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Greetings peeps, Kermit here coming to you bright and early from Sunny Side Up, an ultra-premium all-inclusive breakfast party the Sunday morning before Trinidad Carnival. SSU was launched several years ago as a street party in Diego Martin but has since grown tremendously into the huge event that it is today.  SSU outgrew its original venue and is now held in a schoolyard in Diamond Vale which affords its patrons much more space to eat/lime/fete/get on bad and believe me peeps, the patrons of this fete get on REAL bad!  Despite its increase in size over the years, this fete has never lost touch with its roots and its core supporters and despite doubling in size and switching venues, Sunny Side Up has maintained and even enhanced the vibe and sense of intimacy that was present from day one and in this day and age, that is no small feat.  For the past few years I have spent “Breakfast Fete Sunday” at D Original Vale Fete and while I have had a great time there, in my opinion since the move from Diamond Vale to the new venue the fete has lost something and it was hard to define exactly what that was.  The people are much the same, the music is still great, the bars and infrastructure have been improved but something was still missing.  I had been hearing great things about SSU since their move so I decided to check it out myself this year and after spending a fantastic morning feteing with aliens, I knew precisely what had been lacking and that was character.

I entered SSU via the Penthouse gate and immediately found myself in the food court where I discovered several hot, delicious 2015 Sunny Side Up-0008options available for consumption. I started with a chicken wrap and then followed that with a freshly made-to-order omelet.  Lines were nonexistent and I easily walked from station to station sampling and checking out what was there and making up my mind about what to eat first.  Later in the morning I returned to devour a few gourmet doubles and once again the wait was minimal.  Full marks for food so far but this was not the only selections that were available to me.  SSU has two levels of admission for feters: Penthouse and General.  General admission allowed patrons access to a wide variety of foods including buss-up-shut and curry goat/chicken, Gyros, geera wings, pelau, oil down, provision, a salad bar, a breakfast platter with eggs, sausage, and bread and of course unlimited drinks.  The Penthouse option allows access to everything in the General section plus the aforementioned additional food options and a premium bar as well as the ability to fete on the “penthouse” which is an elevated platform along one side of the party.  The view from the “penthouse” provides a great vantage point when you could essentially overlook the whole fete while partying.  It was a very nice setup and I wasted no time making use of it all.  I hit the bar and filled my bottle with Cîroc and red bull and started circling the fete to document its transformation from a somewhat sleepy chip to a highly active wining dynamo.

The main dance area for the fete was a courtyard in the middle of the school which was bordered by a stage at one end and perpendicular to the stage, the Penthouse and a block of classrooms facing the Penthouse in which could be found more food as well as small stage containing the foam and water section of the fete. The side of the courtyard across from the stage contained drink pavilions, a photo booth, and lots and lots of different food options.  It was a well designed setup which sufficiently spread2015 Sunny Side Up-0475 out all the different options so that crowding was minimized yet it kept everything close so you were never more than a few quick steps from the action and by now the action was heating up.  People had arrived and were eating and getting ready for the wildness that would accompany the sun when it finally rose.  I spent the next hour or so wandering through the fete taking pics and tiefing wines and generally having a great time and I could tell you about all the fun people I encountered and the crews that I met and the general wildness that was slowly taking over the fete but really and truly, there is only one tale I could possibly relay to you about that morning peeps and that is the Tale of the Two Aliens.  It is a tale of adventure and romance, danger and drama, and eventually mystery.  This tale wasn’t obvious and easy to make out whilst in the middle of the fete but after reviewing my pics, I discovered several clues and was able to piece the story together and I will now regale you with the tale as I interpreted it as unfolding.

At some point during the fete, two aliens entered the party and joined the crowds in 2015 Sunny Side Up-0280the main courtyard, a blue alien and a green alien.   Mr. Green was taller and seemed to be the younger of the two while Blue Man was the more reserved of the pair.  They fell into the party normel normel like they had been here before and to my surprise nobody batted an eye when they showed up and started moving around the fete and before you knew it Mr. Green was wining hard with a squad of women and Blue Man was touring the fete on the back of a pardnah!  Next thing you know, Mr Green moved on from the hard wining squad and started pelting waist behind a lovely lady on one side of the fete.  Unfortunately, this lovely lady’s Mr. Mister was present and he immediately accosted Mr. Green and threatened violence!  Happily the beef was squashed and after both parties shook hands and took a pic, everybody turned their attention to the stage to take in the live performance that had begun.  When Mr. Green noticed his former wildness squad on stage wining with the performers, he decided to head to the stage and join them and join them he did.  I think that even he was 2015 Sunny Side Up-0342surprised with his flexibility as he was wuk up and ben up in all kind of ways before he was eventually rescued.  After that he joined Blue Man who was chilling by the rail dropping lyrics on the ladies around him.  Before long the foam generator was switched on and a whole new level of wotless was unleashed on that side of the fete.  As I was occupied documenting this wildness I lost track of the aliens for a while but they did pop up intermittently in the background of several pics until they finally surfaced just in front of the Penthouse where again they attempted to control ALL the women they could get their hands on except that by this time Blue Man decided to get in the game and he made his move by tackling a lovely young lady who seemed not to mind and even encouraged his efforts!  Again with my attentions focused on the fete surging all around me I lost track of the two until I happened to discover Mr. Green lying down on the stage chilling.  Another round of performers were now setting up so they helped him to his feet and even allowed him to 2015 Sunny Side Up-0501chill on stage while they performed.  The lineup of performers that was then brought on stage was so laden with high quality talent that I completely forgot about Blue Man and I spent the next hour or two happily dancing and taking pics of the singers which included Lord Nelson in his customary onsie!  Nello came out to put on a show and with cane in hand and onsie open to the waist he belted out tune after tune after tune and we danced and cheered and exhorted him to continue and he willingly obliged.  I happily spent the rest of the fete bouncing between the bar, the foam area, and the Penthouse taking in all the sights and wildness which is the hallmark of a great breakfast fete and this is the 2015 Sunny Side Up-0697exact point when I realized what Vale was lacking and what SSU had in abundance, character!

Back in the day Vale had their share of characters; the Wall Crew, the Roof Crew, the Hose Crew, et al. were all present in the street party version and things were GREAT but when Vale moved, sure the Crews and the regulars came as well but the intimacy and the vibes didn’t transfer well into the new spot and while it may eventually do so, it hasn’t as yet. With Sunny Side Up however, the foam and sprinkler people changed locations and took advantage of the larger space to increase their numbers and their cavorting in the foam.  There were several crews here including a “Carnival Baby” crew who came dressed in yellow with yellow pacifiers to boot!  The alien support crew was present with alien eye sunglasses and even sunglasses with working wipers on them!  Crews from several countries all repping their colors hard were here and even two aliens from who knows which planet came through and of all the fetes they picked, they picked Sunny Side Up and were welcomed with open arms.  This all-embracing diverse mix of people from all walks of life who converge here to watch the sun come up with similarly fun-loving people creates a feeling of camaraderie which, rather than becoming diluted by the increased numbers present, instead has become more concentrated with the addition of more like-minded people!  Sunny Side Up 2016 was an excellent fete and here is where I will be spending my Carnival Sunday mornings for the foreseeable future!2016 Sunny Side Up-0899

In case you were wondering what happened to the aliens, Mr. Green was last seen on stage chilling with the band and I hear that he eventually went home with somebody but as I did not see that with my own two eyes, I cannot confirm anything. Sadly, Blue Man was not as fortunate as he apparently partied a little too hard and sprung a leak and after playing it off as long as he could he eventually passed out and was taken away hopefully to be patched.  Keep an eye out next year peeps and hopefully you might see them again.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Kermit out!


One day, this will all seem like a long time ago so savor the moment and remember that life is not a race but rather a stroll from the beach to the rumshop and back.

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