Grand Kadooment here we come!!

Are you ready for Crop Over? Now dubbed the sweetest summer festival, Crop Over is a few weeks away. NYCV and Caribbean Passion’s newest collaboration, Carnival Hunters will be making its debut presentation for Grand Kadooment with Fantasy Barbados, in the beautiful Parrot section.

Fantasy Barbados (, the new all-inclusive Crop Over band, is a refreshing addition to the mas band line-up for 2011. Their mission is “to take the mass experience in Barbados to another level”.

The back-line female Parrot costumes are $262 US while their gorgeous frontline costumes are $400 US. AMAZING, especially for what they look like! Check out Parrot pics.

Parrot is the initial presentation of Carnival Hunters since Crop Over is the first carnival travel adventure destination after this weekend’s launch at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  The launch is a free (with invitation and RSVP) indoor and outdoor event. Without invite there is a $20 charge. RSVP by July 14th.

Carnival Hunters is an exclusive travel concierge to carnivals throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe. With Carnival Hunters, you are a part of the experience- not just an observer. You not only attend carnivals, but also wear tailored high quality costumes and join in on the carnival parades. The carnival itinerary includes Barbados, London, Holland, Jamaica and Grenada.  Travel to and from the destination; accommodations, costumes and tickets to popular events are all hassle-free and readily accessibleCheck out the launch for Carnival Hunters…the experience you crave, for more details.


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