My name is Misses Jones and I am an addict!!!

I am M-i-s-s-e-s  J-o-n-e-s and I am an addict. Please forgive my ramblings as I am in withdrawal while writing this… It’s not easy dealing with the trembling, cold sweats and intense fatigue. However, I intend to share my story.

It’s been a week since my intervention and as the days go by, I am forced to admit my battle will be long. I agonize on whether I can truly face my addiction head on.  I am strong though and refuse to lose.

I have only been an addict for a year. The drug you see is in it’s infancy state but potent from the start. It has swept through the country, affecting all genders, race and class. It’s that good.  As I am sitting here reliving the moments, it’s almost orgasmic…lol

I am sure by now you’re scratching your head wondering  what could possible send a sensible young woman like myself into such despair? Your’re also probably wondering what my addiction is?

I loathe to tell you, but alas I am sure many of you are already addicted. I base this on all the status updates of my friends and their friends when they take a hit…..

Wednesday finds me eagerly awaiting the moment I will feel its sweet exctasy. I start biting my nails, I constantly look at my watch. Yes, it’s that good. It’s the sweetest thing you see. I am only able to indulge in it once a week. That’s not bad, is it?

Luckily for me, I may be able to beat this thing as I have Verve, Silent Morning, Sunnyside up and AfterGlow to attend, diverting me from my cravings. However, I do plan right after Labor Day to be fully ensconced in my addiction just like before, every Thursday at 10pm……

I know, it’s a Scandal but I would’nt have it any other way…


Disclaimer: In no form am I making fun or taking anyone’s battle with addiction lightlyscandal

Obama “First Gay President”…..Huh????

We were recently treated to a Newsweek magazine cover featuring President Obama sporting a rainbow halo and the words “First Gay President”.  President Obama, if he wins, wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Acts, which defines marriage as being between a man and woman…

This sparked controversy and conversations all over the world. Some say this is a political ploy to gain votes, but is that all it is?

The first black President of the United States Of America, Mr. Obama has had a very heavy burden to bear. His first of course, was being black in the USA. He also took over the financial crisis that our least loved President, Mr. Bush left behind. So yes his burden is heavy.

Many have voiced their displeasure at what he has done so far. I have always felt their barely hidden hatred has stemmed from his color and not what he actually did. I mean he got Osama. I highly doubt though that it’s easy being black and in charge.  This county does have a history for black folks.

So the question arises whether this is a ploy to get votes? If it is, choosing to side with the LGBT community is a step in the right direction. The LGBT community comprises itself of the most influential people who are not only economically wealthy but have an amazing way of uniting for their causes.  I tried to get their numbers but found it impossible, as we are well aware there are many still in the “closet”.

In 2008 he stated he believed marriage was between a man and woman and now 4yrs later he has changed his mind. Yes, we are all entitled to changing our views. Sometimes life lessons and time give us an opportunity to re- educate ourselves and cause us to change our minds and that’s a beautiful thing…. however is this re-education or a ploy to gain popularity?

This year’s fight for Presidency has started with a Boom and I am sure we are in for more bombshells…Can’t wait for the outcome.





Do you want to be the Teacha’s Pet?????

I have contemplated for some time writing about this person, unknown reasons  have kept me from the many stories and punch lines  that have followed him until now. Who am I talking about? You guessed it, renowned Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel.  Vybz Kartel aka Dancehall Hero owner of a record label, a night club and his own liquor line Street Vybz Rum has been in the media frequently due to his many “quirky” personality traits. I suppose some of you would use a different vernacular to describe him but what ever word you choose , it seems Mr. Kartel’s star is shining brighter than ever.

For those of you who may not know Mr. Kartel, he is one of Jamaica’s top reggae artists. Known for his raunchy, sexual, badman, gun-talk lyrics, Mr. Kartel is part of the Gaza Crew . A few of my favorites include “Ramping Shop”, “Summertime” and the very popular “Clarks”. Mr. Kartel has recently become known for his strange antics as well. Vybz, a naturally dark- skinned brother, has noticeably began to transform into a “light- skinned” man. Of  course, the first thought is vertiligo. However, when asked, Mr. Kartel openly spoke of bleaching his skin, even posting videos and penning a tune dedicated to the “Cake Soap” which is the lightening agent Mr. Kartel is said to have used.

Now I hear the Dancehall hero is producing a reality show, starring himself on his quest to find love. The name of the show? You guessed it, “Teacha’s Pet”. Mr. Kartel is the  Teacha and the “lucky” lady the Pet. I took a look at the Promo posted on You tube and lets just say, it reminds me of a Caribbean version of Flavor of Love. Mr. Kartel has 10 women from Jamaica and he’s looking for 10 more from around the world. The promo shows women wearing sexy outfits “ben over”, doing the “dyrty wine”, “hot wuk” and varying degrees of gyrations.  Mr. Kartel is chatting over the scenes and one of the lines I picked up was “Why the girls love him so?”

So in  response to the question above, I am forced to ask, do we love him so?  From my perspective, I like some of his tunes. Do I like him in regards to looks? I am not fond of men who don’t like themselves. I mean, he can give any reason he wants for bleaching his skin, it’s definitely his prerogative but I can’t help but feel  he was ashamed of his complexion. As a woman of color that’s just not cool. Personally I preferred his natural skin.

Now Mr. Kartel is looking to find a “Pet” and I can’t help but shudder at the thought. If I can, would I watch this show? Probably. As much as we cringe when we see others acting a fool , we are somewhat drawn to seeing them make complete idiots of themselves. Any show that refers to ladies as “pets” is a forewarning as to what’s to come. I imagine half-naked women fighting with each other, doing stupid tricks and games to spend time with the “Teacha”. I am sure some of them will place themselves in compromising sexual situations that may later be the bane of their existence.

Unfortunately the deadline to submit your tape was 08/05/2011. I know the NYCV women readers “not en dat” and so the fact this was published after the deadline, no big deal. All I can say now is please god, don’t let any Trini women be on dat show, I begging yuh…Lol.

I am sure he feels he is putting JA on the map with his antics and that he should be applauded for that, not sure if the people of JA would agree. However, I do know whether its good or bad, publicity is publicity and Mr. Kartel right now is the “Paris Hilton” of JA.  Now all we can do is wait to see what’s next for Vybz Kartel. He’s done the artist to artist disses, bleached his skin, posted the many You Tube fellatio video’s  (unfortunately I can’t show these here as NYCV is an upstanding community magazine) and now a reality show.  So if you want to see Kartel find love, just look out for Teacha’s Pet…………………..Ah Whoa!

Teacha\’s Pet

I wotless and I blogging……..Laters



Not quite a “Weiner” after all……………

I have been gone for some time. With Verve, Memorial Weekend and BAM festival, I am still recovering. Verve “sell off !” as usual. For those of you who didn’t attend, “You Missed It”.  Don’t worry, NYCV will do something next that will top Verve, cus that’s how they do .

BAM was great, got some fab jewelry and was able to see some talented people showcase their art.  I also saw my past article featured designer Ma Yashi’s stand, can I say “fire”.  I  enjoyed myself immensely and can’t wait till  4th of July. However, I had to get back to the real world which includes “wok” every day and sleep cus tha “wok” drains my behind.

This morning , I stopped at the newstand to get my Daily News fix. Front cover cracked me up, I am sure people thought me crazy. It read ” I’m A Schmuck”. Apparently  Mr Weiner our NY congressman  had a news conference where he tearfully admitted to sending dirty tweets and sexting and then lying about it.

I am confused, why is this man crying? I don’t know all yuh, but I personally like sexting.  I don’t see why it’s anybody business who I send a  picture of my crotch, dais my business. I look at it this way, as long as I’m not sending it to anyone 17 yrs and younger, I good. Yes, I said 17 and younger, “dais my business”!

Now, if a man sends me a picture of a “weiner” , I would have a problem. I hear though the man chest ripped, plus he not quite a “weiner” after all……….. So what’s the problem?….Ok,I don’t like liars either.. Mr Weiner , next time say” yeah dais me and what?”….I know so much “Schumuck’s” in this place. I guess I am a “Schumuckette” …I laughing my a** off still, the man crying yes, watch he face….

I blogging and I wotless. Laters




Misses favorite finds…


Whats up?  I am back, and ready to blog some more. I hope I am forgiven for my “small fib” but as you know thinking bout Machel makes you do some crazy things, doh push back.. wait, I getting sidetracked. So today I would like to introduce a post called “Misses favorite finds”. This post will include my favorite items, stores, as well as people. I hope you like as much as I do, so let’s get started.

Today’s favorite is Mamayashi Collections. Ma Yashi the CEO & Designer has an eclectic array of  pieces that most soul sistahs would love to own (if they don’t already).. Ms Yashi’s designs which are hand-made, features faces  of some of our favorite freedom fighters as well as unique ethnic prints. The collection is artsy, funky and very stylish (see the beautiful sistahs in the picture). She has an assortment of designs that incorporates dresses, scarves, tops, skirts as well as bags. Fellas, I didn’t forget you. Ms Yashi has something for you as well, so check her out.

As a natural sister, I look for designs that incorporate my appearance. I want to look and feel hot when I put my clothes on. I have found this in Ms Yashi’s collections. I am currently eying a piece that incorporates jersey and belts and hopefully I can post a picture later of myself wearing it.. So Vibes crew check out Mamayashi Collections and feel free to let me know if it becomes one of your favorites..

I wotless and I blogging…..Laters

Mamayashi Collections


The night I wine to the side with Machel…

Two weeks ago I was asked if I was interested in writing a blog for public entertainment. I  voiced interest about 5 years ago in blogging, so I was thrown by the request ( talk about late). Initially, I contacted friends and family asking for thoughts on the content of my blog.  Should it be political, funny, full of gossip etc . I didn’t like any of their ideas, it sucked. (what? I am honest). I tried to envision what my blog should be called and even what the background should look like. I know, I know, you are waiting to hear about the night I wine with Machel, how we get on wotless. Read on, it’s coming.

I sent a mass text to the same family members and friends for their vote on which name was  best for my blog and eventually decided against their choices (I am “own way” and they know it, trust me).

I then realized all of this was me “sticking” because I had no clue what to write. I did some research, googled some blogs and contemplated whether I would write about the night I wine with Machel or my introduction into the blog world or
better yet, my lack of knowledge of the blog world….  Hopefully, and one can only hope, I will become better at it as the weeks go by. I hope to be  funny, contemplative and eloquent but most of all, read.

Anyway, I finally decided to do the Machel story. I figured Machel is hott and people want to read about him and it would be a good way to introduce my blog. So anyhow the night I wine with Machel was, wait, what am I doing? This was a private moment between me and Machel. I just realize something, allyuh Caribbean people rel macocious, yuh know you only read this blog, cus yuh thought I wine with Machel and was going to tell allyuh.  Needless to say, wining with Machel was a figment of my imagination (doh give me dat! don’t tell me, you never dream bout wining with Machel), and I used it to get allyuh to read my blog..
Yeah, yeah I rel like stupidness.

I wotless and I blogging. Laters