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blissmon-0217Event: Bliss Carnival Monday 2011

Location: Trinidad


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Location: Amnesia NYC

Date:  Sunday 24th, April 2011

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2011 Trinidad Carnival – D’Original Vale Breakfast Party

Greetings peeps, and so we come to one of the most hallowed traditions of the Trinidad Carnival experience, the breakfast fete, and this year I decided to make a change to my regular fete lineup to check out one of the stalwarts of the genre, D’Original Vale Breakfast Party.  Since I started attending breakfast fetes over a decade ago, Vale was, in my opinion, hands down the best fete for carnival.  Back in the day this was a small fete primarily held in the yard and in the street front of one house and one of the greatest features of this fete was that you were almost guaranteed to know half the people there first hand and most of the others you would likely have seen there before.  The music was excellent and the drinks and food were included so there was nothing left to do but enjoy the sunrise while partying with friends and acquaintances.  As with all good things, word spread quickly and over the years the size of the party grew rapidly which made getting tickets much more of a hassle even for long time attendees.   It was for this reason that when Sunny Side Up launched their own breakfast fete, I decided to make the switch and after totally enjoying Vale for many years, I moved over to SSU and for the next several Carnival Sunday mornings had a great time partying with them.  Over the years, I kept hearing good things about Vale and my friends kept trying to persuade me to give it another look so this year I decided to return to the root of all breakfast fetes to see how things had changed.

I arrived around 4:30 am to find the party pretty much empty which was fine with me since I typically would spend the first hour reconnoitering the venue and sampling the fare that was provided.  Since this is a breakfast fete, I decided to start there and after devouring fresh phoulori, meat pies, potato pies, and several hot doubles, I felt well satisfied with the choices that were available.  At this early hour the lines were very short and there was virtually no waiting to get the food of your choice.  I then moved on to the bar and was very pleased at both the physical size of the bar as well as the number of bar staff inside it.  The alcohol available was both premium and plentiful so I enjoyed Grey Goose and Red Bull all morning and I am pleased to report that my wait to get refilled was never long even at the height of the fete.

Belly filled and blood/alcohol level well on its way to a reading of respectably intoxicated, I roamed around the fete meeting up with friends, liming, wining, and generally taking in the sights.  The party was many times larger than when last I attended but despite its size, there was still a warmth and a character present in the fete that by and large is lost once a certain threshold is crossed.  As you can see in the pictures, the venue was definitely full but it wasn’t crowded.  If you wanted to wine as a mob, you were more than able to do that but if you didn’t, there was ample space to wine and not be brushing shoulders, elbows, and anything else you were moving up against the people next to you.   The size of the party did afford one the opportunity to view many different varieties of partygoer in their natural habitat without having to travel very far and this made for many hours of interesting gapeing.

If you wanted to observe the moderate partygoers, there were there all dressed in their finery, nibbling on food and sipping their drinks while chatting amongst themselves about moderate things and maybe bussing an occasional small wine.  If you wanted to see the socialites, they were represented as well however they didn’t really partake of the food since there was a chance it could spill on their clothes or shoes.  Like the moderates, they did sip their drinks and chat but they did so in the shade and of course there was very little if any wining going on.  If you were looking for a more extreme partier, there was the hardcore-parkour feter who incorporated their surrounding environment into their wining.  Examples of this type of winery varied from wining on a bench, to handstands against a wall (much props to you, Miss Upside Down Ting) to around, on, and actually INSIDE the BLINK cage.   Woii Woii!

The traditional “crews” at the Vale fete were also there but they were a bit more structured than I remembered.  Of course there was D’ Wall Crew resplendent in their white shorts, orange t-shirts with matching fedoras controlling things on the wall in front of the DJs with Mr. Chiney Winey himself holding it down on the ground in front of them as D’ Ground Control.  Across from them was the Roof  Crew and as their name implies, they did their partying from the roof of their house and from the looks of things, they had a fantastic time up there.  There were also a couple wotless crews in the crowd such as a sexy crew of Wotless Jamaicans and a group containing Wotless Fete-ing, Tick, Bald, and Spanish tings.  It wouldn’t be Vale without water hoses to cool down the people and I saw at least 2 while traversing the fete but since my camera doesn’t do well in water, I avoided these spots and unfortunately I hear I missed out on several Kodak moments.  CUSS!  Ah well, one can’t be everywhere and I think I took more than enough pics to illustrate the good time that was being had by all.

The Vale fete is a DJ only fete which suits me just fine.  After weeks of feteing with bands, it is good to know that this fete will be nonstop pace and will not be subject to the vagaries of an artiste’s performance.  Vale however does invite select artistes to perform and today Mr. Iwer George graced us with his presence and MASHED UP THE FETE!  Despite having just one main tune this year, Iwer showed everyone present why he is truly the big man in the business.  From the time he instructed the DJ to “Play mih de riddim” he had the crowd hypnotized and hanging on his every word so when he called for the people to come to him, they came to him, when he told them to go away, they went away, when he said the people wanted water, the water flowed first from his hand, then from the hoses that instantly appeared and when he abandoned his 2nd floor roof/stage to come down and perform amongst the people, it was all over.  After that the party really got out of control with hardcore-parkour winery everywhere and at one point I even saw Spongebob taking a wine on a lady’s back.  It was REAL PRESSURE up in this piece!  By now the sun was high in the sky and everybody was in a nice place with nice people having a nice time so what more could you ask for?

Sadly, the party had to end but when I say that the 7 hours I spent in D’ Vale FLEW by, I am not exaggerating.  True during the course of the morning I did lose track of a couple half-hours here and there but it seemed like no sooner had I gotten nicely inebriated and settled into some constructive winery, that the sun leaped into the sky and the next thing I knew, it was 11:30 and people are filing out of the fete wiping their brows and smiling from ear to ear.  This was an excellent fete because not only did it capture the magic and intimacy of years past, it did so on a scale so large that I thought would not be possible.  I was happy to be proven wrong on this matter and I believe that D’Original Vale Breakfast Party has now drawn me back into its fold at least for another year.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Kermit out.

Carnival Monday with Bliss is next…………….


One day, this will all seem like a long time ago so savor the moment and remember that life is not a race but rather a stroll from the beach to the rumshop and back.











2011 Trinidad Carnival – Zante

Greetings peeps, Kermit here resuming coverage of my 2011 Trinidad Carnival adventures.  This installment finds me heading to Zanté, a sweet all-inclusive party held the Tuesday before carnival.  This is really the beginning of the stretch run to the Carnival Monday and Tuesday climax as the partying will be going non-stop from now until Ash Wednesday.  Zanté is the perfect way to kick off what is sure to be a very hectic and happily exhausting week since this is not your typical carnival fete.  Make no mistake, there will be plenty premium liquor, food, and ladies present but what distinguishes this party from all of the others is its size.  Zanté is a much smaller and more intimate party and it is a welcome change from carousing with 5,000+ people.  With a smaller crowd you get to actually interact with the people there and the feeling and vibe present is, well, so much more personal and convivial.

This year Zanté was held on the rooftop of the Tamnak Thai restaurant which is located around the Queen’s Park Savannah, and as I parked and walked past Renegades panyard, I was happy that the party was being held in the middle of Port-of-Spain since it took me all of 5 minutes to drive here and park and as I entered the party and was escorted upstairs by lovely Zanté ladies I knew that the night would be special.

One of the staples at Zanté is alcohol infused sno-cones and I immediately took a red with condensed milk and a shot of Ketel One;  AHHHHH, so refreshing!  A quick glance around the venue revealed a light crowd so I decided to stroll around to the back and check out the food selections that were available.  I was immediately drawn to the two suckling pigs splayed out on the table and my group and I took up residence right next to them since we were informed that they would be served as soon as the staff arrived with the knives.  In the meantime, we watched the tattoo artists skillfully practicing their trade and inking those patrons who so desired and of course we sampled some of the other fare which was available and when the pig was finally served we found it to be as DELICIOUS as it looked.  We were now full, well fed, and ready to get our Zanté on.

The fete was on a covered rooftop with the bars situated around its perimeter.  Since it was a bit of a warm night, there were several industrial sized fans positioned around the roof which provided patrons with a steady breeze throughout the night and it was next to one of these fans that we set up camp for the night’s activities.  This was a perfect spot as not only was it cool and breezy, but it faced the main dance floor and was right next to the main bar.  After hitting the vodka hard for a few rounds, our beautiful hostess, Pixi, brought out an elixir that must have been made from the juice of some forbidden fruit: she brought out a cooler of Pixi Juice.  I enquired as to its composition and received a smile.  I hinted at its formula and again received a smile.  Since I make a concoction of my own in DC (FLEXXX), I fully understand her refusal to answer any questions about its ingredients and decided that I would go through strong and let the devil take the hindmost.

After the first 2-3 cups, I noticed that the party had picked up rather quickly.  It was as if a busload of folks had arrived.  All of a sudden there was a raging fete going on in front of me so I leapt into it wholeheartedly.  Of course, my interpretation of “quickly” was probably not very accurate.  In fact, it appears that considerable time had passed since my first drink of Pixi Juice and my “sudden revelation”.  Say wha?  De party sweet, and I have a weakness for sweetness.  The Zanté ladies showed up with a tin and offered me what looked like saltprunes.  “What are these?” I asked while taking 3.  “Rum balls.” they said.  OK, I thought, rum balls.  I popped them in my mouth, chewed and felt myself levitate.   Obviously I didn’t really (or maybe I did) but I was definitely experiencing a lightness of being and for me the party really took off from that point on.   Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had been sampling all of the various alcohol infused treats available.  There was one fellow in particular, I’ll call him Electric Blue, that definitely drank deeply from the Kool-aid and apparently drank deeply enough so that superpowers were revealed to him.

Electric Blue had a time at this fete, of that there can be no doubt.  He probably had enough for two times because wherever there was a waist that needed pelting, there he was; wherever a bottom was unoccupied and un-wined upon, there he was; if a breeze passed by him too slowly, it got a some waist on de side.  It got to the point where Electric got so hot from hard wining that he had to wine on de fan just to keep cool and after doing this he almost took flight!  If you don’t believe me, look through the pics and you will see.  The piecé-de-resistance however, was when the DJ played Speakerboxx.  (Yes peeps, you know what is coming now.)  One interpretation of Speakerboxx is that it is a song about a fellow that is banned from entering a fete by a promoter because when in the fete, the fellow’s wining damages the sound equipment.  I guess when this song played, the speaker must have given Electric Blue a kinda bad eye so Electric decided to teach the insolent speaker a lesson, and so he did.  Nuff respect due Electric, nuff respect!

With Private Ryan and the impressive DJ lineup keeping the energy level high, the fete went by quickly as good times are wont to do and it was a well charged up and hyped crowd that greeted Benjai when he stepped up to perform.  It goes without saying that his new national anthem elevated us all to another level and with hands thrust in the air we sang along with gusto as only Trinis could.  As the night continued I noticed a rhythm section setting up.  It was Hands of Rythm, a group I had heard several years ago at Salybia and while their presence heralded the end of the party, I knew that we would go out with a bang and so we did.  After a night of frenzied partying, it was nice to chip out of the fete into the cool night knowing that the first steps had been taken towards the grand finale on the big stage and that even bigger and better things were yet to come.

It goes without saying that this was an excellent fete and I must give big props to our wonderful hostess Pixi who was more that a match for Electric Blue when it came to wildness and winery.  Great job as usual babe and you will definitely see me again in 2012.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Big Bad Beach House is next……..(lawdhavemercy).

Kermit out.


One day, this will all seem like a long time ago so savor the moment and remember that life is not a race but rather a stroll from the beach to the rumshop and back.

2011 Trinidad Carnival – Silent Morning

Greetings peeps, Kermit here on Carnival Friday about to board the 2011 Silent Morning Boatride and the excitement is palpable.  Last year’s inaugural sailing was one of the best parties for the carnival season and this year promised to be at least as epic so when the announcement was made that boarding was beginning, my crew and I immediately made our way to towards the entrance to get on board.  While the process was not as smooth as it could or should have been, we eventually secured our breakfast sandwiches and drinks, passed through security, and claimed our regular spot below decks on the right of the bar. This was a BYOB type of event and we were well stocked with alcohol and chaser so after we purchased a couple bags of ice from the bar, we started drinking in preparation for the wildness that was on the way.

As you will see from the pictures, the boat is essentially divided into three decks: the ground floor, a terrace circling the ground floor, and a top deck which is open to the sun and breeze and I spent much of my time wandering from top to bottom trying to capture (in between wining of course) as much of the action as possible and believe me, there was plenty going on.  For the hour or so while everyone boarded as well as for the first 30 minutes after we headed out to sea, the vibes were pretty much on the warm-up setting.  The DJ’s were flexing their muscles and plotting their assault and the partygoers were stretching and increasing their alcohol intake in preparation for the attack because make no mistake my peeps, Silent Morning is not any normel carnival fete; this is a wining war where no prisoners are taken and if you can’t handle the level of winery on board, you should never have come.  I have been taking pictures at parties for many years and my style is more that of a photo journalist than a still photographer.  I try to capture exactly what I see around me as I party and while there are many pictures where the subjects have posed for the shot, there are many where I simply capture the action as it unfolds.  Today, however, my role was combat photographer and once the wotless invasion began, it was everybody for themselves.

There are many stories I could tell about what I saw that morning; I could tell tales of heroism about Big Chiney Winey who tried to take on a young lady half his size but with twice his waist; I could tell you about the encounters with various other boats ranging from mere gapers, to the Coast Guard, to other party promoters who came on out boats to Silent Morning to hand out flyers; I could talk about the breakdancing battles that erupted throughout the boat when the back in times set kicked off; I could talk about all these things and would easily fill page after page with narrative but I will not do so because that is what the hundreds of pictures are for.  I will however relate one particular encounter on ground zero that I was fortunate enough to witness and to document.

There I was peeps, in the trenches with fierce wining to my left and savage jamming to my right, battle cries echoing all around with combatants locked in a deadly embrace as they tried to mash up each other’s waists using nothing but their own.  It was a sight I’ll not soon forget but in the midst of all this chaos, one soldier-ess, a lovely lady of formidable build (let’s call her Rubber Tree) decided that she wanted to be carried around the party for a little bit so she hitched a ride on a lone soldier, let’s call him Ant, and Ant, by rising to this challenge, provided inspiration for those struggling around him.  As the pictures will show, when Rubber Tree threw her leg over Ant’s back and neck, he never flinched or retreated, he accepted the challenge and despite being half her size, he not only picked her up and wined for a while with her on his shoulders but he did so with a smile.  (We really only saw part of his head from between her thighs but it certainly looked like he was smiling.)  I was concerned about her getting off though, since it is much harder to effect a graceful dismount from such a perch but I needn’t have worried as Ant was more than up to the task.  Being an Ant, he was optimistic he would survive Rubber Tree’s movements and, happily, his high hopes were fulfilled.

After seeing this example of bravery under fire, another much smaller young lady decided to take a ride as well, however after she leaped on the man’s back he apparently staggered or tripped on something and ended up on all fours mere inches off the ground.  The young lady, still perched on his back and apparently quite unconcerned about her sudden descent, continued wining and I thought it strange that nobody reached down to lend a helping hand to a fallen comrade .  True this is war, and war is hell but oh gorsh man!  This fellow needed no help as he was Trini Rambo.  Without missing a beat Trambo gathered his strength and pushed himself up off the floor, he then drew one leg up looking like he was in the “Ready” position to run a race and with one smooth move arched his back and stood up all with the young lady still wining comfortably.  I should note that even in war, chivalry is very much alive as the same group of onlookers that turned to stone when the man fell, immediately leaped into action to help support the young lady as she was being lifted back up.  I’m not sure what happened immediately after that as I must have looked away for a second but the next picture I have is of the young lady now facing the fellow with her legs wrapped around his waist and he has no shirt on.  I would have liked to know how they made that transition so quickly but maybe it is best that it remains a mystery.

As we cruised back to the dock, I remembered my feelings of euphoria after last year’s boatride and I also remembered hoping that subsequent Silent Mornings would be as much fun as the first and to my surprise, this year was even better.  This was the by far the most wotless party for the carnival and it was the perfect continuation into the carnival weekend.  First Beach House, then Silent Morning, could it possibly get any better?  With the Vale breakfast fete next, how could it not.

Enjoy the pics peeps, Vale is next…………..


Kermit’s Corner

2011 Trinidad Carnival – Beach House

Greetings peeps, Kermit here bringing you the stories and scenes from Beach House 2011.  I have always heard about this fete but for one reason or another, I have never attended.  This year I decided to see what all the hype was about and determine whether all the stories about the awesomeness of this fete were true so I made plans, brought extra batteries for the Nikon and boarded the chartered minibus feeling excited and very much looking forward to discovering what today held in store for me.


Although the fete is called Beach House, it is no longer actually held by the beach as that location was outgrown some years ago.  The current iteration is held outside of Port-of-Spain at the Brechin Castle Golf Club in Couva.  Essentially, a picturesque meadow gets converted into a party venue for the 5,000 plus attendees and as you can see from my early pictures, this description is very accurate.  As you park and walk towards the entrance, any doubts as to which party you were at are quickly dispelled as the name of the fete is spelled out for all to see in letters 6 feet high.  After passing through security, you walk up a canopied path toward the main area pausing frequently to partake of the various drink stalls which were set up along the way (Nuvo and Johnny Walker (Blue and Gold) being atop everyone’s list) and as you eventually crest the hill the entire party site is laid out before you.   Immediately visible are two main bars which sort of frame the main dance area.  In the middle of the dance area there is the DJ tower from which the mixologists sought (quite successfully I might add) to captivate and hypnotize us with their mixing prowess.  To the right of all of this can be found the food area which is flanked by two raised pavilions where patrons, if they so chose, were able to sit at tables and enjoy their food while being shaded under large umbrellas.


We decided to head to the bar to get a beverage so that we would have something to sip while mashing up large quantities of food so we sauntered over to see what was available.  Peeps, the alcohol selection was a sight you have to see to believe.  It was as though they transported a Duty Free shop straight from the airport and placed it in the fete.  Almost anything you wanted was there and since Grey Goose and I had been liming strong all carnival and doing very well the morning after, I saw no reason to change.  I made my request, and within 2 minutes a nicely strong ice cold drink was in my hand.  As drinks service goes, a 2 minute wait for a drink is EXCELLENT but of course the party hadn’t really gotten started yet so the crowds were light.  The true test of a bar comes much later on when the fete is in full swing and people are getting on bad and need a constant supply of “Wotless Fuel” to keep the winery going and the bar at Beach House passed this test with distinction.  The main bars were so huge and well stocked both with staff and supplies that no matter when I presented myself at a bar, my wait was never longer than 5 minutes.  This does not even take into account the specialty pavilions so liberally sprinkled around the party and although I never had occasion to visit them to order drinks, I would imagine that the level of service there would at least match that found at the main bars.


Drinks secured, we sauntered over to the food and perused the menu.  There was everything from baby back ribs, lamb loin, shrimp cocktails, jerk chicken bites, and crab dumplings and that was just the appetizers!  The main courses varied from Latin to Western to Far East to Asian and of course Caribbean and Vegetarian with an assortment of Dessert Treats to round out the meal.  Where to begin!  After a brief discussion, we decided on a systematic approach and we started eating our way from left to right starting with the appetizers and working our way through as much as we could before getting full.  We spent a very happy 45 minutes or so sampling the delicious foods and when we felt the beginnings of a food coma approaching we called an end to our feeding frenzy.  Sadly we didn’t make too much progress towards our goal of eating our way across the food horizon although we did make it halfway which is a decent achievement nonetheless.


Bellies full, we decided to make a circle around the fete to see what other attractions had been provided for our amusement.  We found the sno-cone vendors highly entertaining not only for their alcohol infused treats (which helped combat the FEROCIOUS heat of the midday sun) but also for their wining ability which they proudly displayed even as they dispensed their icy delicacies.  After that we were seduced by the lovely Jagermeister girls into doing a few shots and after checking out the various specialty pavilions we settled down to some serious drinking and liming by the Moet tent.


By now a couple hours had passed since our arrival and the fete was filling up quickly.  Much of the open space that was present in my earlier pictures was now occupied by people dressed to impress yet ready at a moment’s notice to ramfle anything should the mood take them.  By now the people here had been eating and drinking for some time and while they were nicely primed for wildness, the overall vibe was still more of a lime than a party but every once in a while someone would break away and put down a wicked piece of winery and you would see the hunger in people’s eyes as they watched and waited.  I don’t know exactly when Beach House when from lime to fete but I do know what it felt like: a big Maracas Beach wave.


Maracas Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Trinidad and it is located on the North Coast of the island.  It is known as a great liming spot and boasts some of the best Bake and Shark (Richard’s) on the island.  It is also known for sometimes having tricky currents and large waves especially around Carnival time. Peeps, have you ever been in the water at Maracas Beach, jus liming with your crew talking about this and that when you notice that the water is receding rather quickly?  One minute the water was chest high, then it dropped to your waist and you thought, oh, a wave must be coming.  Waves come all the time, but every now and then an unusually large one hits the shore and catches the unwary bather by surprise.  The water recedes and serves as fuel for the incoming wave which by now you can actually see coming.  First, there is the swell which gradually increases in size until a crest forms and then, quite rapidly, the wave rises up majestically and crashes around you engulfing you and carrying you away with its intractable and unstoppable power.  So it was with Beach House!  The vibes had built up over the course of the afternoon and as the sun set, a crest had formed and now, in the semi darkness of the Couva hills, the wild wave of wotlessness broke with full force on the party-goers and swept us all away.


It was at times like this that I wished I trained harder before carnival.  For months I had been working out diligently lifting weights in the gym and getting in my cardio on the basketball court and I needed every ounce of strength and stamina to survive that onslaught.  There are times when editing these pictures that I discovered some shots that simply did not remember (especially the ones that I am actually in)! Thank goodness I have a camera because according to it I had a DAMN good time and so did pretty much everyone around me.  As night engulfed us, the party exploded into action and everywhere you looked, there were people having a great time.  If you wanted to wine and get on bad, there were people around you doing that.  If you wanted to cool out for a bit and catch your breath, you could ease on out to the perimeter of the wildness and take in some breeze and enjoy the view.  If you wanted something to eat, you could head over to the food village and chow down (of course by now, the lines were staggeringly long but the food was still hot and plentiful when you reached the front).  The more I walked around the fete, the more I was amazed at the variety of the demographic present and the range of their activities. There were people from all walks of life and age groups happily rubbing shoulders (and other body parts) together doing whatever felt good all the while enjoying the sensation of being in a fete where you didn’t have to worry about drinks, since they were always there for the taking; food, if you didn’t mind waiting a bit, you could have all you wanted; good music, the DJs were out of their minds all night with the tunes they selected and the pace they maintained; and as for security, you never felt concerned that anything unpleasant would kick off and spoil the night’s activities.  To feel such peace of mind in such a huge fete is truly rare and I now appreciate what others have been raving about for years.  There is something here for everyone regardless of age, race, nationality, or wining proclivity and in my opinion, that is what makes Beach House the top fete for carnival.


I have posted PLENTY pics from this night but I would encourage you to take your time while browsing through them.  While the fete was very full, because of the spaciousness and layout of the venue it never felt too crowded; however, due to the density of the people and how they clustered, I noticed many interesting scenes captured in the backgrounds of some of the pics.  Some of the expressions inadvertently captured are priceless and I am sure mirrored exactly what I was thinking as I took the pics.  There is one set of pictures I must single out where this fellow decided to wine on a young lady while in a 3 point stance with 1 hand and 2 feet on de ground (the other hand had his drink of course).  It started off innocuously enough with man in front and woman behind but then it rapidly took a turn for the worse (or better depending on your view).  This is the soundtrack that plays in my mind as I scroll through picture by picture:


Mr. 3 Point winer: Watch me get on wotless now!

Man in Armani Exchange T-Shirt: Ay allyuh, look how he wining, like he need some company in de front.

Strong yet remarkably agile woman: I taking dat!  I going and ramfle up his back tonight!

Man in Armani Exchange T-Shirt: Ahm, dat is not what I meant eh.  I can’t bear to look.  I wants nothing   to do with this.  I gone.



By this time Mr. 3 Point winer, realizing he is under some pressure, has changed up his contact points.  Left foot is now in the air and both hands on de ground.  ***It must be noted that the drink was placed safely and securely on the ground and was never in danger at any point.  I repeat, no alcohol was spilled during the making of this scene.***

Strong yet remarkably agile woman: OY! OY! OY!

Pardna in a Predator-liming-in-colorful-Bamboo shirt: Oh gosh gyul yuh go kill him, or worse, he might spill he drink.  Give him a ease nah.  (Tries to pull gyul away)

Strong yet remarkably agile woman: OY! OY! OY!

Pardna in a Predator-liming-in-colorful-Bamboo colored shirt: At least I tried yes.  Hard luck breds!

Strong yet remarkably agile woman: OY! OY! OY!   Awright, ah done wid you.

Mr. 3 Point winer: So Mr. Cameraman, yuh couldn’t help mih?  How yuh do mih like Rodney King so?  Yuh just flim de whole scene?

Mr. 3 Point winer: Anyway, is all good.  De drink didn’t spill so no harm no foul.  At least yuh could take pics of de whole crew now.


This sequence can be found just before the end of the album and you will know it when you see it.  Let me know if you think my commentary was accurate.


What else can I say about a perfect fete other than to tell you that when it eventually ended and we all trekked back down the still canopied walkway, we were already planning on attending next year’s event.  This is a BESS fete and my only regret this night was that I had not discovered Beach House sooner.


Enjoy the pics peeps, Silent Morning is next……….


Photographers Corner